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Mar 12, 2011

Bantayan Island, Marvin's Birthday!

I brought with me a party popper and several balloons. I was supposed to bring a lot but I was thinking in case the security people at the airport would took it, sayang naman.

I was very successful in keeping the balloons and popper from Marvin. He didn't know I brought stuff until we used it na. The resort was very accommodating in helping me inflate the balloons while I distract Marvin, which apparently didn't work quite well. Kasi, nahuli nia habang nagkakabit sila ate ng lobo, LOL.


you wanna see how strong the waves are?

Our day concluded with a hearty meal courtesy of the owner. She gave us free (square) pizza! Very generous, salamat Tita Nancy! (who, later I learned is a Tita of my new student in class. Nge!)

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