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Mar 23, 2011

A Chocolate Mousse to Remember

** finally, i had the time to put this together**

August 21, Saturday AM

I can say it’s been a tradition that the team spends quality time every weekend, or whenever we have money. Their latest addiction is indulging in seafood, that is Dampa. This particular Saturday, they decided yet again, to spend another ‘breakfast’ in Macapagal avenue. Since I’m trying to save up as much as I can for our Hong Kong Trip, I initially declined. There were no signs of panic and disturbance from the team but my manager insisted I go. I even used Marvin as my excuse (that he was sleeping, that he may not be able to follow, that our food trip won’t be worth it since he can’t eat much) but they all talked me out of it, like everyone has something to say to me. Oo na, sige na.. sasama na ko. Gosh. Little do I know that he (Marvin) wouldn’t have a hard time joining us.

Here are some little segments.

So we arrived bright and early at Dampa. Like the usual, I didn’t join the rest on their scouting walks. My manager, Allian, despite her killer heels, walked from restaurant to restaurant looking for a private resto with an acceptable ambiance. We moved from the initial open area to an airconditioned one because I prefer not to hear Bonchie whine. :p And as usual, I let them order food. I was so engrossed on reading that I let them do all the work.

When we were just waiting for our food to be cooked, they were singing the Karaoke. They even asked me what Marvin’s theme song is to me. I said that of Introvoys, they all laughed. Wala ata silang love song. OK fine.. hnd ko matandaan. After a few more songs and few more 5 pesos, Allian said she wanted to buy some DVDs so she stepped out. I can’t remember how everyone else followed. I know Rona said she wanted DVD too. Few minutes after, Myda and Hakkai followed outside for some reason. Kathlyn stepped out too as she will wait for Cai to arrive. Joey kept taking pictures, I honestly don’t know or where everyone is as I was busy reading.

Suddenly, a becky approached me with a cake in a slightly open box. He said, me nagpapabigay po, “Ha?” Ung nasa likod nia said “buksan mo daw ung box, buksan mo” So he slightly opened it and I saw the WILL YOU MARRY ME text, yes I’m 20-20. I am shaking a little. Sabi ko, “Ano to ha, sino nagpapabigay nito.” At the back of my mind, I know the cake is from Marvin.

And then..

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Anonymous said...

i was teary-eyed while reading this mae. finally! so happy for u. I just met Marvin once when we were in GXS but I know u're happy with him. Congratulations!! Wedding bells na. =)