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Mar 22, 2011

Mheann and Trek Tied the Knot!

The long wait is officially over. :)

Mheann and Trek celebrated their 12 years together by tying the knot at the Lourdes Church in Tagaytay City last March 22.

The church ceremony was very emotional as close friends and family witnessed the exchange of vows. I went blank when Mheann pulled out a paper when she was about to say her piece, masasayang make up ko. I know deep in my heart, she said nothing but pure LOVE. Mababaw luha ko so I opted not to listen well. I focused on the priest and his intention to make the promises of the couple blessed by the people around them. The priest invited the family and ninongs and ninangs to surround the couple as they take their oath of endless love. Truly heartwarming.

A few minutes later, the ceremony was over. Picture Time naman. :)

let me show you some cute finds...

their bridal car was vintage

the venue of the reception was breathtaking overlooking Taal Volcano
I forgot where this reception was held but it was very near Lourdes Church
(plus I don't have invitation, haha, so I don't have a reference)

here's the pool turned to be a mini stage or area where the couple would be at
we didn't get to stay the whole time because I have class waiting for me, but I'm sure this looks lovely at night

even this cute cake was orange-y
I wish I could have stolen a cupcake!! haha

trendy photobooth courtesy of CDWORX

nothing beats a good old company
nice to be with you all

i love them!

it may not be easy to keep the relationship for 12 years, but it's not impossible.
CHEERS to the newlyweds. :)

Would look forward to juniors soon...

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