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Mar 11, 2011

Bantayan Island, Welcome, Day 1

To celebrate Marvin's birthday, we decided to push through with our Cebu Escapade. Because of our vouchers, we didn't pay a single penny on our airfare.

We left Manila at 6AM and landed in Mactan, Cebu around 7:15A. We took a cab from the Airport going to the North Bus Terminal that will bring us to port Hagnaya. I was teasing Marvin that there's no aircon bus although I didn't really mean it. He just can't take ordinary buses. He's a sucker of anything cold. Much to our surprise, airconditioned buses leave at specific times with wide gap in between. In short, we took an ordinary one. :)

We were tweeting, checking FB and making the most out of the ride. Good thing it rained a little, if not, we'll look like Espasol right after the ride. The entire bus travel roughly took 3.25 hours. It was very looooong.

After getting off at port Hagnaya, we waited for an hour or so because the Ferry officials refuse to travel to port Sta. Fe due to strong winds and tide

here's the famous bridge that connects CEBU and MACTAN

When we arrived at Sta. Fe, it was really windy. It wasn't just bad hair day. Look at the lona, that was because of the wind.

To kill some time, since we can't play and swim, we walked around the vicinity of Sta. Fe
we found some interesting restaurants although i didn't get to take a picture of all of them

When we got tired, we had salad and Sinigang na Baboy :)

if not so low tide, you'll love the water.
sand tends to color the water brown if it's low tide

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