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Jul 16, 2008


i'm officially warped that I don't know what things to do first and when to begin:
  1. I want to watch Alicia Keys concert, let me correct that - I am decided I want to watch. But the seats available aren't OK anymore considering its price (which I saw from ticketworld.com.ph). I want something in the middle of the GOLD category - baka wala na kong makita niyan pag binili ko ung sa side - baka puro speakers lang makita ko nun. I don't have time naman to go to national bookstore or any mall to buy. huhu. if I have known that she is having a concert - I could have bought tickets asap!! I hate this feeling.
  2. Concert is on August 5, and its a tuesday. My new work will start on August 4, patay. pag panggabi ako - how can I watch - concert is 8PM.
  3. Pag naiisip ko na hindi ako makakapanood, I really feel bad. Last 2004, when she was here - I wasn't able to see her concert because I just started working and I'm not really earning that much. Now I know I'm capable. Too bad and really too bad that I just learned of it this concert this month lang. huhu. kainis talaga.
  4. If i'll be watching the concert, will I have ample money considering i'll be migrating to another company? - I need savings kasi mahohold na ung sahod ko eh.
  5. There are also things I want to buy - shoes, jacket and bag - eto mukhang kaya.

So many things to do, so little time!!

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