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Jul 12, 2008

Senti Mode

just sharing my cheesy sentiments...

my new work didn't bring me happy moments most of the time. though there were upsetting days, i know i'll miss the perks I have gained. Case in point, my take home pay na lang every cut off is beyond my expectations all the time. Why? - i dunno. :p All in all minus tax and all other deductions - sobra sobra pa sa basic salary ko. Anyway, wala pa ring nagbago sa status ko - super credits pa din. wehehehe. at this point, i am honestly worried if i have made the right decision to move out this soon. i wasn't enjoying the job, but i wasn't looking for other options as well. Oh well, there are reasons for everything. I hope there is a reason why all of a sudden this happened to me. I just thank him for getting me out.

while i'm typing this my mom said "ay nako, wag ka nang manghinayang jan sa current company mo, ok nga kinikita mo, di ka naman masaya" true ma. thanks.
i know i'll miss my lappy. our pc has been burried six feet under :p so this lappy has really served me well, business and oh, other purposes too... :)

i'm not really a fan of thinkpad but i can't really complain about this baby

Intel Core 2 Duo, T7500, 14.1 widescreen, 2G RAM, 150GB

i'll miss my tambay and petiks moments, harhar


inggit ako sa next update ko, haha. kim brought one of her many luxurious bags sa office, she didn't know na i took a pic of it. hehe, sowee KIM.

even if i didn't fix it - LV'ng LV yan!

genuinely attractive

p.s. - not just sure what type this is, i think this is not neverfull?

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