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Jul 19, 2008

Saturday Malaise

This has been our trend every weekend. Its just too bad that Marvin has a shift tonight.
Supposedly, there's a sportsfest today at 12:30PM. If you can recall, I signed up for bowling. I was contemplating until early this morning if I have to go or not. Hay, but i was stuck fulfilling my girlfriend duties so - I didn't make it. In fairness to me, I told our co-captain that I might not show up. Why? 1) rule is, a player has to at least play and participate twice in the game 2) - sportsfest will continue until september 3) - i'm resigning. sayang sa effort. Well - I would have loved it if I played. :) sigh!!

Anyway, we went to this Levi's factory outlet sale. We braved the heat fitting these pants here and there. In fairness naman, the normal marissa pants outside costs around 3K plus never goes on sale lower than 2K, bought mine so cheap. :) Satisfied. I have so many things I worry because soon I'll be out of the Philippines again. I keep saying to myself - I need this, I need that, I have to buy this, I have to buy that - ahay! But no, I think I'll buy divi shirts na lang, tutal summer naman sa states. hehe. tutal hindi naman siguro halata un. I'll leave my shirts here na lang db... well anyway,, I'll leave you with a pic of jowa who's super pawis na kakaikot at kakafit ng pants nia.

couldn't capture pics of the pants, baka bigla akong palabasin eh. hehehe

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