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Jul 11, 2008

bloopers ng isang hamak na trainer

I just want to remind myself of those ooooops moments that I encountered during my three years of being a trainer...

  1. sasakit ang tyan after LUNCH dahil sa daming kinain. buwisit pa pag kelangan mong ilabas while you're doing your lecture... ahahhaa, pano ka magpapaalam sa class?
  2. there was a time na puro hangin ata tyan ko,, for several days parang lagi akong nautot :p,, tapos mahilig akong uupo ng konti sa table, then one time i was doing my lecture, tyempo - pag upo ko sa table sabay tumunog ung capital U - hahahahaha, deadma galore ako, but I think namula ako nun while continuously talking. I didn't mind that anyone heard - harhar
  3. in normal classrooms db merong white projector screen. I stood right in the middle of it kaya when i pulled it down, diretso din sa ulo ko... awww - masakit talaga. buti konti lang nakakita - hahahaha. they're busy getting their notebooks because I'm gonna start my lessons. :p

Pag me naalala ako, dadagdag ko dito.


nga pala, on other news....

I'm officially resigned. I'm rendering until August 1. Anyone out there who wants to take my position here as a Technical Trainer , let me know. We need you here badly. I might fly out of Denver next month for a different company - with fingers crossed. It wasn't all a pleasant experience here but the company is very promising. Considering the planned changes for a better future, ok ang company na to. There are disappointments at some point, but its always a matter of decision if you're going to stay or not. At the end of the day, its you who will decide - we all have choices, you have your options. Nagkataon lang na meron talagang mas OK na offer to me at this point. Again, let me know. :)

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