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Jul 20, 2008

New Layout and Other Updates

This early Sunday Morning, I was able to spot a nice clean XML Layout that's not HARD to install at all. I'm saying goodbye to my very nice and old template. Thank you so much to Pannasmontata for my old template. I'm not very much a fan of dark sites - hihi, but I tried it out and hopefully it won't be so lame before your eyes.

  • there are still things I have to work on.
  • comments aren't working 100% yet. i can't find the comment link where to change it form blogspot to haloscan.
  • i need to add credits still.
  • hopefully i can change the font size

saying goodbye to my white paper template


was really sleepy today during the latter part of the day. its marvin's 'lipat-bahay' day. my poor boyfriend, he didn't get any sleep since the time he was out of work I am sorry too because I wasn't able to make it to at least help. i just wish this day be over for him so he can catch up and have the best and LONG sleep ever. have a wonderful rest. love you.

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- mayang - said...

my official comment has always been with haloscan, but i cant make this it to work. so all my comments are now gone - though this new XML template can show the recently posted comments through blogspot.

- mayang - said...

my comment is now working! :) baka i won't go back na to HALOSCAN if blogspot keeps on showing what i need - me? - happy!