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Jul 3, 2008

a MAJOR bang!

series of events that changed the course of my future:

June 29
Sunday Morning
my previous manager from teletech (who is now out of teletech) sent me a message. a fresh new company is offshoring for the first time. fresh from denver - they are putting up a center here in manila. I didn't give in just like that.. hehe. I thought I would want to think about it first.. my thinking time? - an hour.

an hour later, I hit the SEND button from my yahoo mail with the subject - 'Mae Velasco Resume'

tuesday, wednesday
for some reason my manager wasn't able to get the one I sent. I resent.

Wednesday afternoon, 1:30PM
I had an interview with the Country Manager.

Thursday - PM
Job Offer na. Yes, that fast!! and I signed it.

I couldn't say anything so much. The benefits I'm getting now is even better, though my salary stepped up a bit higher. I took it because its pioneering, we're starting all at the same time. Another experience, another environment.... a whole new beginning where I am no lesser than everyone else.

I heard so many 'god bless' - thank you all.

PS - i might be flying to denver, colorado next month. :p

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