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Jul 16, 2008

So Many News...

okay so let me update you with what happened just today.

this silly picture was taken at around 6PM today. Marvin and I had to meet early today prior to our shifts to make it to the factory outlet sale of LEVI's. They are closing down their Philippine Store so they are selling their pants, jackets, etc for up to 75% off. We grabbed the opportunity to head to its factory today despite the rain. Unfortunately, the SALE dates are the ones below and it will start tomorrow. sigh. Effort. Sa tamad komopya ng dates and because of my poor memory, I just took a pic of the schedule. It was terribly raining hard earlier, hence this odd poster. Next stop - GLORIETTA.

On our way to Glorietta, Marvin and I are talking about Alicia Keys Concert and how I would really love love love to go. After deliberating, you would know what I did based on the pictures below. Sorry for capturing it pa and posting it here - I am damn happy to be going - why? I am a die hard LELLOW LOVER and AKEYS fanatic, this is also my first ever concert. So i am fucking excited and happy. Regardless of my schedule with my new company, if i have to beg just for them to allow me - I'll do it. Again, I'll be reporting there august 4, august 5 ung concert. Hopefully morning ako, para hindi talaga masayang ung ticket - because I would really die if I miss this chance (as if!) - hahahahaha. Nakow, saan gaganapin? In front of TeleTech - Roxas!!! :) Open field - shemay.

After strolling around Glorietta, we headed to Heaven and Eggs. Marvin was just craving that's all.

I forgot what we ordered. But mine was delicious. Had a good catch up day with my beloved. hehe.

Work Update:

Chaos and apprehension is all over the place. I really know it was a good decision to MOVE OUT. Thank you Lord.

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