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Aug 7, 2010

uhm, hello?

I can't believe it's not been a month! I thought my last post has cobwebs already.

Actually, I wasn't that busy. I was just occupied by the fact that we're moving out of Tondo.. real soon!

So I've been house-hunting: looking for rent to owns, for rents, for sale, etc etc and we almost got a 5-bedroom house for 10k per month but our contact says the sister's owner abroad disagreed to have it leased after a week of waiting, too bad. Anyway, I guess we got lucky because our broker got us a decent house! I'll post that soon.

I've been reading too! I just finished reading Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. His books are close to Harry Potter, only that his includes Gods. I'm still waiting for the fifth book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I prefer to stick with trade paper back copy and our bookstores have hard bound only. My next book in line is Lost Symbol, c/o a friend who said I should read it. After that, maybe re-read the 'The Alchemist' c/o my Manager. After that maybe I can start the sexy vampire books of JC Lewis ba yun. My friend has been asking me to read it. The last time I went to National - they don't have stocks of the first book.

I've been planning our trip too! HongKong travel is very very close, but I'm more excited about the Boracay Trip that we're throwing our parents. Maybe my stubborn father would be soooooo conscious again of the expenses considering of our move-in to Las Pinas. Who cares! hahaha, we're spending Pa not you, hehe. :)

O siya, I'll catch up again over the weekend and post the details of our move.

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