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Aug 24, 2010

HongKong 2010: Day 1

I thank my sponsor (StarTek) for making me fly to the west several times in return earning me several PAL Miles points. And 2 months ago, I realized my Mabuhay Miles are expiring so I have to use it if I don't want it to go to waste.

Since Marvin is flying to HK to visit his pregnant sister, I decided I could join too considering I now just have to worry about accommodation.

So after the proposal happening on the 21st which I still have to blog, and the HongKong hostage that happened yesterday (of all days!!!); today is when I fly to HongKong.

My Day 1 was actually more of traveling, getting to the HK International Airport, meeting Marvin and picking me up, riding the two level bus, taking an hour (i think) of travel to Laguna City where his sister is residing.

After the short visit to her sister, where his family is staying too, we moved to a hotel to settle for the night. Ramada was pretty expensive but we didn't have a choice as we didn't pre-book anything. We thought we could just find another place tomorrow.

It wasn't so bad really. We just had real trouble of speaking and talking to people - not that they can't understand English, but the way they talk isn't neutral like us. Their Chinese accent is so thick, most of the time, they don't speak English. You have to find ways to communicate - oh, you'll know what I mean, try to visit them now. :)

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