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Aug 26, 2010

HongKong Day 3: Disney Inside

We don't know what's waiting for us inside. We can only navigate as much as the map tells us. So we kinda walk and stop if we see something that interests us.

we stopped by the Disney store where you could get all stuff Disney, of course!
a little expensive though. we'll we're a budget traveler so we only got a few things that will remind us that we were here once :)

our first tour, was that of ADVENTURELAND. We saw Tarzan's tree house here, we rode a boat, and saw some live shows

where to next??
oh, right. Disneyland is divided into three major areas, Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland

Here's the facade to the Fantasyland.
We were greeted by castles, niches of different characters like pooh, carousel rides and mad hatters tea cup ride :)

Tomorrowland is all about buzz lightyear, stitch, and others :)

Since it's summer, we had the chance to see their Summer Parade.

We were on the wet side of the street. Disneyland has instructions and warning signs everywhere that if you want to stay dry, avoid the wet lane - basically that's where the parade is headed.

Fun Fun Stuff!

Thanks to Myds who told us to bring extra clothes. We came prepared. And the water was a relief from the heat.

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