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Aug 26, 2010

HongKong Day 3: Disney Inside 2

What else did we do in Disneyland?

i met mickey mouse!

and goofy

this was my favorite part. this is a simple 3D show that amazed me so much. Disney used live water, air, perfume, etc so everyone is whisked to reality more than being there and watching 3D. Example, we were watching Jasmine and Aladdin take their magic carpet, it was sooo windy and I can feel the air blowing - feels like we're with them. Another one was when donald duck tipped while holding a bucket of water, we got a fair amount of splash.. absolutely amazing.. :)

We took different rides, one of which was an inside roller coaster that made me wish I didn't try it. Nah, I enjoyed a little - it was just super scary. There was a warning outside that if you have heart problems, etc etc; you are not supposed to ride. There was also this Stitch Encounter where we get to see and talk to stitch LIVE, very impromptu that the kids thought stitch is just in front of them.

Ha! By now we are dead tired. Time for a great meal. :)

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