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Aug 7, 2010

Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

..was the longest book I have in my hands before I finished it. Took me a couple of weeks I believe as the first half was dragging to go further. But I'm happy I was able to finish it.

Red Pyramid is a good read if you're into Egypts and their stuff, pyramids, obelisks, magics?, and their Gods. I don't know them, sorry. I enjoyed Percy Jackson and the Olympians because of Greek Mythology which was replaced by Egyptian Gods and Goddesses that I'm totally unaware of. I guess their names are different but their the same gods - ugh. yeah.

Again, I'm hoping to buy HP this December which I totally doubt.. pero malay naten. Until then, I'll continuously post whatever books I get to read. :)

So... what have you read lately, maybe I would like that too..

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