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Aug 25, 2010

HongKong Day 2: Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 I believe is the term for the cable car. 360 because you can see HongKong on a different perspective. I was always under the impression that HongKong is full of tall building, no water at all (maybe at they shore, of course), and that I wouldn't get to see mountains, but I was wrong.

From Tsimshatsui, or Laguna City, you can take two means of transportation to Ngong Ping, fairly easy. You may take a bus or ride an MTR. Buses in HK have specific routes and they are numbered, so ride the appropriate bus that would pass Tung Chung, make a decent walk - and you're all good. If you decided to ride the MTR, Ngong Ping is very accessible, just get off at the last red line (I think) station which is Tung Chung.

with English signs, you will never get lost

can you tell that I'm a little scared? i'm afraid of heights and i thought i can do this without any support, apparently not. riding the cable car was not anything I imagined. it was soooooo way up high, with altitude, wind, not to mention the height - I was very sweaty! I even thought we can ride the glass car, where the floor is made of glass and you can see the land/sea through it! oh no! i'll probably faint!

the end of the cable car is Ngong Ping Village where you can eat, watch some show they have lined up and basically take pictures.

near the end of it is a stairway leading to the giant Buddha. A couple walks more and you'll be in the monks village. I call this one a sacrificial walk - not more than 200 steps I believe.

it's a shame if we failed to reach the top. the view was absolutely stunning.

We feel refreshed about the experience.
Thank you Lord.

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