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Aug 24, 2010

HongKong Day 1: Dinner

After we settled our bags to our new hotel, we scouted and walked around the streets of Cameron, and basically the area of Tsimshatsui, Kowloon. I can probably blog HK streets some other time. It's wonderful how easy and accessible everything is. It's more like Melbourne where everything is on the grid, easy to find, laid out in front of you. However, I don't think Melbourne has dark streets and alleys for - I don't know whatever reason.

Anyway, you know I normally blog about food so here's how our first dinner looks like. I don't know the names so I'm not going to label them. Marvin and I don't eat in places where there is no English equivalent of their menu or if there are no pictures. Because they won't translate it for us! Anyway, we didn't enjoy this as much, and kind of expensive for both of us. The only satisfying meal here is the one in the middle that you get to dip in peanut sauce.

looks like lechon paksiw to me, but didn't taste quite well. the odd round thing on top is a mushroom.. a mushroom

this soup was very tasty but kinda odd not to taste like milk, don't ask me what they put in there

It's now time to hit the sack :)

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