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May 30, 2009

Tagged - Ako ang "Taya"

got this tag from Reyane. Thanks sis.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I think it was vacation time still, I was an upcoming Senior in high school. This was the month my grandfather died too (my mama's father)

2. Five things on your to-do list today:
Attend Mass
Go to the Museum with Team
Training Team Meeting
Update Blog
Do Facebook

.. can it be more than 5? i have so many things to do today
- revise modules
- start training guidelines
- clean my ref
- start packing my suitcase
- weigh bags...

3. Places where you've lived:

4. Places you would like to Visit.
New York, Canada, Rome or Europe in general, different islands of the Philippines

5. Things you would do if you were a Billionaire:
Complete the needs of my family and extended fam, Be a Business Tycoon, Give back to the Needy, Put Up Quality School and Hospital, have a family to travel the world with

6. People you want to know more about:
You - who's reading this. You just got tagged! :)

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