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May 1, 2009

Rock Bottom Restaurant at Downtown

Yeah, food chronicles..


Because of our tight training schedule, we we're given only 30 minutes as lunch break. And because I hate coming to class late, I've decided to bring light sandwich every day that I can microwave (because I'm maarte, dapat mainit ang food kahit sandwich pa yan) so I don't have to go outside of the building to get food. Our cafeteria downstairs takes cash only.. so either you spend cash, rush in buying food, bring/ prepare your own lunch, or don't eat at all.

What's my packed lunch today??---> I had grapes and cookies. I got my own drinks too -- Starbucks bottled coffee and water. Coffee to keep me awake during the lesson, water to keep me sane!! (too much info!)

filet mignon

they were all teasing me that I pay for the food - birthday treat ba.
sabi ko nga, sure.. di ko naman pera gagastusin ko... hahahaha

Yna, Marika, Me & Cherry

this is the real reason we went here, just to eat Ice Cream..
hey, its Graeters!!


Just want to say the back pack was given by the local company.. just in case my family or anyone else wonders... but I know you don't care LOL..

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