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May 7, 2009

Royal Pains

The promotion for this new USA Network series has been airing for quite some time arleady. The series, HOUSE and GOSSIP GIRL were a big hit.. so this new series would most likely get the attention of many viewers too? It made me search the internet out of curiousity. The teasers are good..


USA network is proud to introduce the HAMPTONS' newest doctor-on-deman, Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein). After Hank, a young doctor on the fast track to success, falls from grace when he is blamed for the death of a hospital trustee, he inadvertently stumbles into the world of private medical service for the elite denizens of the Hamptons.

With the encouragement of his younger brother Evan (Paulo Costanzo) and an ambitious young woman who volunteers to be his physician's assistant, Hank reluctatnly agrees to be a "Concierge Doctor" for the summer. But will he be able to treat his hihg-flying client while still managing to keep his own feet on the ground? Co-starring Reshma Shetty and Jill Flint with Christine Ebersole and Campbell Scott

... seems interesting enough to me.. :) Premiers, Thursday, June 4, 9PMc

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