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May 9, 2009

Kentucky Speedway

The list of my 'firsts' just keeps on going.. today I get to watch LIVE car racing... FREE!!

I didn't set any expectations although I know watching it will be something different. FUN is totally an understatement of the experience. I can't even put it into words. Since the account we're handling is one of the major sponsors of the event.. we get to watch from their Suite, free food, booze, drinks.. everything unlimited.

When we found the suite, we immediately asked for drinks and quickly started to fill plates with spaghetti, salad, sausages and burgers.. we sat down and ate.. super hungry!!

Eventually we spent some time taking pictures.

Soon enough, the suite started to be filled with familiar faces from the company.. great.. this means the race will start in no time at all. At around 8PM, the race began. Few minutes after nagkayayaan na.. we went down to the general admission for an up close experience. At first I was disappointed.. sabi ko why are the cars slow? I thought its really like that.. I thought since it's not F1 or NASCAR, they have speed limit too.. heck, they were preparing their engine for the race.. after two or three lapses, the stadium roared ... it was truly deafening.. you won't hear anything, just the noise of their engines, you'll vibrate on your seat as they pass by.. and I keep on shouting when the cars pass by me, as if they can hear me :p

.. the rest was history..

.. it was amazing.. beyond amazing, I will never think of racing the same way again.
Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

F1 naman or NASCAR.. meron bang free?!? :)

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