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May 5, 2009

my 26th Birthday Bash

Yes! I just turned 26 and it was a blast!

This year is my longest birthday thus far. :p Though I'm far away from home.. I got to celebrate it differently today 1- the fact that I'm currently overseas and away from 'lutong bahay', 2- my unusual kind of birthday w/o breaking the bank, 3-I get to blow candles at this age :) hahahhaha

Why long birthday?? Because people and friends started greeting me last Friday (note, my birthday is due Monday pa).. until Saturday, Sunday.. and finally Monday morning and evening still.. people wouldn't just stop greeting me.. and I am totally overwhelmed. :) LOL, just pardon my english,, my head's spinning already.. i have to sleep soon...

Sunday evening, I cooked spaghetti sauce for breakfast the very next morning. Uhmm, I think mama forgot to tell me that after I put one cup of water, I have to wait until it's turning dry again. Because after the water, I added the tomato sauce.. hence sauce turned SOPAS! Well, I paired it with rice and it was ok naman. :p

I call this spaghetti soup

Here's my chocolate cake.
I also got Caramel Turtle Cheesecake from Patrick and
Choc Cupcake in Belgian Choc Icing and Curls from Yna

Celebrating far away from home

Pleasant morning visit from Yna and Marika with the cupcake and sparklers

We went to Dave and Busters for dinner after work. The entire team celebrated with me :) Thank you guys!

Dave and Busters offers eat and play combo.
The amount of your food lets you play in their Game Lounge. After several games I got enough tickets to buy myself a cute stuff toy.. hon, I need a name for my teddy :)

It was 9PM when we arrived at the hotel. I had a great day today. Though I miss home, I am absolutely doing fine here.

PS... I want to go back to Dave and Busters to get more toys!


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