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May 18, 2009

My Food Creations 2

my food chronicles eh?

Baguio Beans with Soy Sauce... Sorry, just learning how to cook. :)

what do you think ma? Does this pass?

.. I guess the problem with me is that I don't taste the food when I'm cooking it. This turned out to be 'maalat'. hahaha.

3 comment(s):

kuya said...


kaso maalat pla hehe...

r e y a n e said...

of kors you hafta taste them first sis..

and it would be nicer to slice the baguio beans thinner than those slices.

-mayang- said...

hahah. sorry naman. my kitchen isn't equipped with knives, isang bread knife lng and isang knife na medyo me edges.. so yan, hahaha.