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May 29, 2009

Fire Alarm @ Extended Stay America

believe me, I wasn't really happy then. I guess when I'm excited and my heart's pumping fast, I can't help but smile


Past 8PM earlier tonight
I was alone and busy in my room, sitting on my bed while working on 2 laptops.. watching House.

Suddenly I heard a very loud screeching-like noise. It was continuous, irritating and really loud.

Hotels nowadays are equipped with so much sensors - one time that my friend was frying a fish in her small kitchen.. she made her smoke alarm ring.. It didn't really cause panic, the receptionist just called us at once and told us to close the door... I am positive the sound I heard was totally different. I was even looking at my own kitchen just to check if I caused it, but hell no.

Not knowing what to do.. I opened my door and saw that the Fire Alarms at the hallway are already blinking, and the sound is everywhere not only in my room.. I quickly went inside and called the receptionist to ask what's wrong (I don't know what I was thinking, it doesn't seem like I understand the urgency - can you believe that I actually found time to call the receptionist?!?) Anyway, receptionist said he's not sure what's happening and suggested I just go down. Quickly.. I packed both laptops and ran down the stairs shaking, my heart beating fast.

My team mates who were downstairs already were very calm. They laughed when they saw me and asked my why I have a bag.. I simply said "I packed what I can and ran at once" (LOL, in reality, I was the only one left upstairs!)

Few seconds... maybe 10, firetrucks came..

It was a false alarm. They didn't see any fire or anything like it. I went back to my room, laughing and shaking still.

... whew, what a drill!

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