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Jul 14, 2007

Target Missed: Australia!

Here we go again, as of today I officially missed the Australia trip for the second time because I don't have a PASSPORT. Goodness gracious! But I don't feel as bad, haha. Ok lang. It'll come again (maybe years after, hahaha!), besides, the opportunity was not lost, someone else actually earned it. :)

I'll be kind enough to let it slip, haha. Come to think of it, I've always been a second option. :( The CEBU trip wasn't offered to me - or so they thought they did - but I know they didn't. And then this one again. And so of course don't shout in front of my anymore cause that's not needed - I've had enough lecture na with Marvin. The her we go again thingy and see? I told you talks :p

I got a nice Koala pen accessory from Marc, that Marvin wanted so I gave it to him anyway.

And so of course, you would know the bottomline of this blog entry - yep, I have to process my Passport asap so Monday - off to waiting in line I go. Shit, I know I'll be hating this episode, but what the heck - I guess I have no choice, I really have to do this one way or another.

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