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Jul 5, 2007

Resignation Blues...

Three years ago, I graduated from College. I was one of those many aspiring fresh grads submitting resumes wherever, being interviewed just about anywhere. I can remember one call center called up; the interviewer made me recite A-Z and 1-20, I was sitting on the stairs while holding my phone talking in 'carabao english' - wehehehe, hindi naman mashado - medyo marunong na ko ng mga panahong yon...

I had a job, not on the that company I was talking about but a different one. Exactly One year and two months, I ended up taking calls. I was promoted. A better position as how I'd like to put it. There were back to back 'to-do' lists, long Performance Reviews and Classes even in holidays. But before I achieved where I am right now, I was kicking ass. I was just an intern back then so I have to prove I'm worthy of the promotion. Three painstaking months, my Sup finally signed my papers and then it was an official promotion - I'm now Certified Trainer with 'Organizational Announcement' sent to everyone.

Now, it has been exactly 1 year and 2 months again; I'm still holding the position I had before. This time, pay is a couple of thousands higher, respect is way lot better, title becomes 'tenured' as opposed to intern, mentoring whoever gets the 'intern' title as opposed to being mentored during the early days. I even took home the Best Trainer Award during the recently concluded Roxas Pride Awards. (best trainer daw!)

Honestly speaking, it has been more than 10 times that I thought of resigning, yep - the resignation blues I always feel whenever I feel like I should get out of my Company na and venture out. Why I still stay? I don't know, reasons are a mix of stability, growth and experience.

Many of my friends have moved on, I even think almost all of them. Still... here I am. And the resignation blues is again resurfacing. Maybe it's telling me that I'll be reaching my second year anniversary on my current post. And maturity should just be 2years; we all should move up. I therefore conclude it's time to move up - if not, then out. I'm waiting, my bosses - hihi, clock's ticking...

No regrets. Being with TT made me someone else; better. It has been a whole lot of experience more than words - not all good, not always bad. There were life's hard earned lessons, laughter and tears (no kidding, believe me). And wherever this resignation thingy leads me - I'll make sure to let you know.

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