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Jul 28, 2007

And the News Finally Came

I honestly did not think that I'll be able to fly out of the country this early considering there has been so many hirings, classes around our account lately. Yes I filed for a passport only because I wanted to; so that if in time there'll be another opportunity - I can grab it na - but never did it cross my mind that they'll be sending trainers again since we have 4 trainers there still undergoing training. From my sups word, it's not gonna be a long training. It'll be as short as one week and then back again to the country to train. Talk about "fast". Natatawa tuloy ako. Maglalaro lang siguro ako sa one week, or paglapag na paglapag ng airplane eh gogora na kami sa lamyerda - you'll never know when you're coming back. :)

So Monday, requirments for VISA will have to be submitted na. I'll post updates as soon as I know them na, okei. :)

Hindi naman ako mashado excited, nakakatuwa lang. :p

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