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Jul 22, 2007

Malling Galore

Today was a different Sunday afternoon that we spent; Marvin and I went malling. Because Marvin has to buy a red office polo, off we went and looked for BIG M.

First Stop: Shangri La Plaza Mall.
Unfortunately, we were not able to find the store so we scouted at different botiques na lang but couldn't find any size to suit him. Tired from strolling, and since Marvin was craving for a steak, we head on to the House of Minis located at the ground floor. After chit chatting and all, we went strolling again. I spotted Haagen Dazs and thought of buying an ice cream. I originally wanted something in a cup but much to my surprise, half pint in their regular container costs 400 something. :) I felt yes - medyo koripot and so I asked again, I pointed the small cup saying "seriously? that small one is 400?, the lady replied Yes ma'am." Ok, so I opted for another one na medyo cheap. I then bought one scoop na lang in a cone which costs me Php 170.00 -- naman, ice cream pa ren naman to. Nothing special. O wow. One scoop for Php170.00. Kuripot na kung kuripot but my 200 will go a long way sa tabi tabi, hahaha! cge na nga.. experience will definitely cost you. :)

Second Stop: SM Megamall
I was a bit disappointed with Megamall. Yes there were a lot of stores but department store was renovating and all so it wasn't a nice experience at all. There were a lot of people shopping and dining and so the place was so crowdy considering the amount of space they have to close because of the renovation - not so pleasant.

Third Stop: Robinson's Galleria
It was a peaceful experience to be back in Galleria. Hehehe, la lang. super napagod ako kakaikot at kakalakad from Megamall. We saw Connie Reyes and her kids malling. We also saw someone na basket ball player, player ata ng red bull.

Last Stop: Greenhills
We hop on a cab and went to Greenhills to continue our feet exercise, ehehe. Ikot ikot and all, la pa ren kaming nahanap.

La pa ren kaming nahanap, we spent the rest of the hours at home na lang. It was nice to go out once in a while, pero saya sana kung may pera, hahahaha!!

Let me quote Marvin by saying this has been what I have waiting for, us strolling lang spending quality time together. It was a great Sunday before our 23rd monthsary!

Happy and Contented and Sleepy.
weeeeeeeee. :)

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