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Jul 16, 2007

My Not So typical Monday

Since my long term plans of getting a passport wouldn't push through because I don't have a legit copy of my birth certificate yet, I decided to go to NSO today and process them. I went there past 7AM and in fairness there were just around 60 something people in line. I finished in about good past 8AM. I was supposed to claim my NSO copy around 9:30 AM but their server jammed. 10:30AM, Marvin and I headed to MOA na lang and decided to grab a quick bite before going back. Spike's Ice Cream is truly satisfying!

Finally, past lunch, I got my record na, and then we headed home.

I called in SICK and did not report to the office. :)
That's what I call, my not so typical "work" Monday.

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