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Feb 8, 2008

Toys for the Big Girls!

Ay nakow! For the past weeks, I have been browsing the net, educating myself of how it is to shop for a laptop. I heard Rina one time, err - saw when we were chatting - she wants a laptop too. Eversince this PC of ours died last January, I couldn't help myself but think if its really time to buy something portable.

I've made my research and boy oh boy, I've learned a lot... from Core Duo is different from Core 2 Duo, and what FSB is, chipsets, L2 cache(s) size and so many more, as in! - hindi lang basta RAM, HDD and value ng processor ang tinitingnan. Medyo nung naglibot ako sa market - anlaki ng price difference ng Core Duo laptops sa Core 2 Duo na - imagine, magkatunog lang or halos kala mo pareho lang - magkaiba pala. So sa mga buyers, do your own research - wag maging impulsive. It doesn't hurt to resort to helpful websites. Empower your minds - :) Always remember, a laptop is not an investment where you can gain money (maybe one way or another), but its more of an EXPENSE, so if you're shedding money - better be worth it. Here's a very helpful link that can help you with some information. COOLTOYZPH.COM

And wala talagang papalit sa pagkahumaling ko sa DELL laptops - huwaaaaa. Lord, penge pera! :)


meet my first love among the rest - INSPIRON

This lovely toy comes in different colors. For me, Inspiron is a better and thinner package compared to Latitude. Sophisticated and elegant in its own sense. Made with the end user in mind for Home and Home Office use. It comes in High Definition 15" to 17". You may love the package but fall in love some more by checking its specs from Dell. Fall in love with her too. Inspiron@DELL

meet the stunning and inspiring DELL XPS

this notebook is more than just your gaming notebook. this is fast, quiet and proficient. load up all applications that you can think of and this baby wouldn't even blink to show you that its slowing down. it's a mean machine in a sleek, light and attractive form. it has been produced in batches >> good, red, better and best :p. Don't just take my post for it, visit dell. XPS@DELL

business? meet DELL VOSTRO

Vostro is made for the business-y type. For better performance, longer battery life, stronger wireless, intel centrino duo processor techonology - all because dell is thinking of you. For executives and the like, who likes black in plain and performance.. read on. Vostro@DELL

OMG, don't forget the ever reliable MACBOOK!

this baby will literally make you love her. a lot of people have been wed to their macbooks, don't ask me - google it :p


I have been really thinking as to what phone I can change my current Motorola to. I have searched and finally landed on Sony Ericsson. I've never been an Ericsson user but I loved their P910i before, long before this gadget was born.

meet SE P1i

this baby won me :) I don't think I would love anything else at this point - not a nokia, not another motorola... but the latest smart phones of SE. The only downside - keyboard. :) Another QWERTY keyboard, we'll see. :)


haaaaaaaaaaay, so far yan pa lang naman ang pantasya ko sa daigdig ng teknolohiya. huwaw - magkalappy lang ako ng inspiron - shet na malagkit. sana din mabili ko yang phone na yan - pero keri lang kung hindi pa - ehehhe, para bumaba pa presyo. :)

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