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Feb 26, 2008

Every Minute Counts

my job hunt has begun. i know it'll be restless days for me but I never imagined something like this. monday was a holiday - i thought i'll have well enough sleep. i slept like 11PM last monday night and woke up tuesday 5AM. sykes requested me to be there from 8AM till 5PM. well, i said i'll be there by 10AM but my plan is to be there by 8AM. Hmmmm, i realized LRT will be a tough challenge considering that these hours are busy hours - so no. hindi ako sasabay. i was thinking exam lang naman to so i can still go back home and rest or sleep in time for my makati interview at 6:30pm. in short, nakaalis ako ng bahay ng 8am, off to exam at ortigas. nakarating ako just before 10am. 10:30 pala ung second batch ng exam - keri lang. after the exam, few minutes lang, me result na. i passed, fortunately, or rather i thought so. i was scheduled for an interview at 4:30pm. my head started spinning. may interview ako ng 6:30 sa makati, will i make it? im sweating like hell dahil sa lakad and travel so i cant go to makati wearing the same shit. i didn't want to lose any minute. at 12:30 noon, i decided to head home. i have to be back at ortigas asap. i was skipping the streets - i know. it took me 30minutes to reach edsa. sa lrt, i keep looking at my watch, i have to leave home at 2PM to be able to reach my interview on time. syet! tik tak, 1PM nasa lrt na ko. it took me another 30minutes bago makababa sa blumenttrit. i was hungry, sleepy and weak - and super sweating syet. good thing kae was home so i asked her to prepare lunch and food. i quickly ate and head for the bathroom. i had to freshen up. then i changed my clothes. this time im in long sleeves - syet, i tried to relax para hindi ako pagpawisan ng sobra. imbis na 2AM, nakaalis ako ng bahay 2:15 na. sauce ang haba ng pila sa edsa mrt. nakakaloka. pag naman nagcab ako - i won't make it on time, abutin ako ng 6PM
bago makarating sa pupuntahan ko. lakad takbo ulet. just before 4PM, nasa ortigas na ko. naloka pa ko, nagkamali ako ng sakay ng elevator. haaaaaaaaaay, baba ulet ako. hahahaha. in short, i made it on time for my 4:30PM interview, mas maaga pa ko than usual. the interview didn't even last for 20 minutes, hay naku... experience. i was tired and exhausted. wen i get to edsa, i decided to stop by muna, rest, eat and freshen up. merong paid washroom sa metropoint mall - gud thing! anyway, i had chowking lang for a meal in which naki share pa ko ng table sa iba. hataw ako sa text and all that. hay, after sitting for like 15 minutes munching for my food and all, i head down to the rest room to freshen up. after 15 more minutes, i headed to makati. i took a cab papunta sa rcbc.

the interview went very well. the moment i stepped into rcbc, wow, ganda. i feel hindi ako naiiba sa mga tao sa paligid because i was on long sleeves and business attire, hahaha. anyway. i liked talaga the ambiance of gxs. and then i realized naka laptop ung receptionist - ang taray! the manager who interviewed me was very nice. she really took time in reading my resume and evaluating my answers and all that. it was a pretty interesting conversation. after the interview she told me ill be presenting. whatever topic i find comfortable to present. fair enough i told myself. i crossed my finger and hoped for the best for the next days to come.

there are many things to thank the LORD for today

- it's my kuya's birthday. even if he's far away, he's safe and doing good. :)
- there are a lot of things that can happen to me during the day but none of it happened - thank you lord for keeping me safe.
- i could have screwed up and be late and all that or worst maligaw, but they didn't happen, thank you lord for staying with me.

so kahit puyat, pasok pa din me sa office. :)

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