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Feb 25, 2008

Free Monday

Today has been declared a holiday. No work! Those with classes lang ang me pasok, hehehe. Time to rest. Well, kae and I had a short visit to lazaro to buy something at national bookstore and pay my bills.

I scouted a sale white maldita blouse, hehe. pasara na nga mall, di tuloy ako nakasukat ng pants. mukhang maganda pa naman fit ng pants nila. anyway, enough of the gastos - hay buhay. I slept at 2am last sunday, and woke up at 5am, whoah. i don't know what's happening with my sleep time - grabacious talaga pag di makatulog, hirap. i have to meet up marvin early this morning because he's heading to lipa again for another 2 weeks of stay. he usually goes home every weekend but decided not to know. rather, he goes home every after 2 weeks or twice a month.

we had a short breakfast at jollibee then headed to the bus station. around 11am i'm home. i slept around 1:30 and asked kae to wake me up at 4am so i can sleep tonight. she woke me up naman on time and it was raining.

i have an exam tomorrow with sykes. hehe. yeps, job hunting. kelangan ng magmigrate. i wonder if rina gets to read my blog. i definitely didn't tell her para at least pag di ako pumasa sa interview or exam, di naman ako nakakahiya, db sis. hahahhaha :p i'm thinking of reporting to sykes early morning because i still have a makati interview at 6:30pm. sige ihataw ang job hunting. after this i don't know if i'll go to work straight or i'll go home pa to rest. we'll see na lang. i've been rehearsing na nga eh, hehe. for the interview itself. kaya lang naloloka ako. hindi paren nawawala ung pagkatense ko everytime, even if there's nothing to be nervous about. i'm always like this. i shake and looks really pale when i'm being interviewed - hahaha. ganito na talaga ata ako eh. please wish me luck. i need another job badly and asap.

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