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Feb 13, 2008

Four Years and Growing?

I was a fresh graduate when I first met TeleTech. Well, actually, we have not yet marched and graduation ceremony is yet to come but I was able to join the company nonetheless. I wasn't into Call Centers before, nor into BPO. All I know is that I wanted a job and I wanted it in a respectable company. I wouldn't really want to apply in TeleTech, but all my friends are applying - remyxx that is and so I joined. Luckily - I passed and got a position.

I joined one of the pioneering account - it was for a Technical Support representative. Wow, who knew I could speak English - haha, I don't - still don't. :)

My technical year was a bit nice - well there were challenges of course but some of the people surrounding me made it easy for me to perform my job everyday. I had a good team and a very support Team Leader. I also joined a newly formed/created LOB way back catering to Networking jobs. After about a year and one month of taking in calls - I got promoted.

I'd like to tell you the story how I bagged the job. As I have mentioned, my TL was really very supportive and he knew all along that I want to get promoted. It was my day off I remember - around the month of June. My TL texted me "gusto mo ba mag-apply as a Trainer?, punta ka dito bukas" - back then, I was afraid. I'm not in a relationship yet and so I felt I had no one to get strength from. I've been even hearing thoughts that if you apply as a Trainer, you need to 'present' your teaching skills in front of a class. With all the hesitations, I applied. It was the last days of the weekday I think - hmm, can't really remember - but there. I was interviewed by the Supervisor. It wasn't as hard but this supervisor is really taking down notes and everything. After major questions and all, he asked me to present the next day. It was a girl who interviewed me after. I was skeptical to get the position. I kept telling my TL that I didn't get it. I rehearsed for the topic I'll be presenting and because it was all about the technical home networking thing, I knew all about it even with eyes closed.

After the presentation, she interviewed me again and made me realized the things a Trainer will be doing. I want to back off right there and then and I wanted to tell her that NO I really didn't want to job (of course after hearing the things she said :p) but nonetheless, I listened to her and made myself prepared for the judgment day. She asked me for a coffee in Starbucks. I said I would gladly join her. She then told me that I got the position and all that - and welcomed me to the department - all I remember was - it was a Saturday and come Monday, I'll be reporting to the Training team.

My first class was a baptism of fire. I had an am-boy student who speaks English more than I "can". He always looks at me as if he's very dismayed of my capabilities. I never had formal training. All I know was that, I was fresh from the floor and asked to train. Good Lord, he made me pull it through. The succeeding classes were lighter but there was an instance where I had to walk out of the room - yes the word is "walk-out". I cried and everyone saw me. I cried out of frustration. I was doing the best I can but these kids can't see it. I cried on top of my lungs while my co-trainers were looking at me. I felt the ups and downs. Oh yeah - I learned!

After all the learning, everytime I'll do a class, I keep on getting something. hehe - from trophy, to cards, to bags, to pillow, to wallets and everything the class would give me - I keep all of them and used them. I love being a Trainer. I just love the experience and the learning.

2007 was the year of the bang.
I caught chicken pox - shit! I was absent for a month - walang sick leave pa - 2 days pa lang ata. But though I wasn't back yet, I was offered to fly to Cebu - all expense paid - to train a new hire. Win Win situation -- I get to fly domestic - first flight ever in my entire life, I get to experience a different life, I get paid, I get to go to Cebu, the company on the other hand will have assistance with the new site they are putting up, they will have resources to be able to pull through the site launch - WIN WIN situation. Next, I get to fly INTERNATIONAL - twice! yeps, another WIN WIN situation!!

Now, its 2008 - I'm tired and exhausted of the things I've done for the company. I just can't think of how I can still grow. I know there is still lot to learn but I don't see it now. I feel like I'm at the end of the rope - Is it time to fly? Is it time to migrate?

Lord, please help. I need it now badly.


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