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Jan 2, 2012

November 21

Here's my LABOR story :p

6:00am – woke up and went straight to the toilet to pee, feeling just normal.  Another typical Sunday until I saw red stains in my urine.  I know I'm due today so I calmly approached Mama.  I'm 100% sure that if I panic, everyone would go hysterical.  That's another fun story to tell, wouldn't it?

7am or 8am – I decided to go to the hospital but I was experiencing cramps, that I can hardly move, so I waited for Marvin.  The OB who attended me from the ER said I’m 1cm dilated.  I was sent home to wait.  Normally 3cm or up requires confinement already.  Actually, it depends if you want to stay in the hospital early.  Worrying about the bill, I'd rather stay home.  Again, it was just really a typical and ordinary Sunday if not for my complains about my lower back. Ugh.  Painful contractions.  Up until bed time, I was trying my best to tolerate the pain.  I told myself I'll deliver the normal way.  There is no other option than normal.

Past 10PM -  I decided to go to ER again for screening because the lower back pain is now getting unbearable.  I was 2cm dilated when the OB checked.  Imagine the entire day?? and I was just 2cm now??  I was advised that I can now be admitted.  Good Lord! 

at 12:30AM – I was filling up forms.  I can't imagine anyone else doing this for me.  Again, all was calm.  I was wheeled to the Labor Room right after.  I changed to hosp gown and was put on an IV (my first ever!).  The nurse also administered something for the tummy but I can’t remember exactly what medicine it was.  I think it was Buscopan.  Nurse said it's to induce labor? or 'pampahilab'.  By this time, my cramps were already getting stronger.  I seriously felt sharp pressures on my lower back.  Peeing was also a problem.  I wanted to walk a lot (as I've read from the book) and pee but they kept giving me a bed pan.  Another ugh – I’m not used to that so it took a while before I could freely pee.  Whoooo, so many firsts!!

by 1AM – my OB arrived.  First time I saw her in green uniform, cute.  Hello doc!  This is me, tolerating the pain.

by 3AM – stronger and painful contractions. Unbelievably bearable.  And I was getting tired and sleepy but my lower back pains kept me awake.  I also kept refusing Epidural but when the Anesthesiologist arrived, my OB persuaded me to have one.  

So at 4AM something – I was wheeled to the Delivery Room.  It took forever for the anes to administer the drug!  I swear.  That was the longest contractions I can count!  What kept me from shouting at the Anes were the two nurses encouraging me to stay calm and held me all along.  I think I held on too tight onto one of the nurses’ pockets that she ended up with a crumpled uniform, sorry nurse.  And truly, thank you for the support.

I can’t tell the exact time of the event that happened next, they didn’t have a clock in the delivery room that I can see.  All I know was that the Anes kept the room relaxed and soothing through his music.

I was now still lying on the table with both feet propped up, with bright lights focused on....oh you know where.  I was just still, telling my doctor that I think I may poop anytime.  She was just making small talks.  Yun pala, she broke my water bag na.  I know the anesthesia took effect because I didn't feel anything.  She then declared that I had to undergo emergency CS as the baby already pooped.  I felt sad.  All this walking, waiting.. I would still end up on CS. Hay.

It was probably 5 in the morning when I was wheeled out of the Delivery Room going to the Operating Room.  I didn't see anyone on my way out to the hallway.  I was hoping to glance at my family before the procedure.  Then it happened very fast.  Well, emergency CS should always be fast.  Anes gave me a spinal block (I read it from the book so I know what it will do) and altogether at the same time, my OB and nurses uncovered me with my gown, blocked my view of the Operation, placed a BP monitor on my left arm and placed an oxygen mask on my nose.  Music was still playing.  I decided to pass out and sleep this off.  I was very tired and groggy.  Been awake since 6!

Family said it was 5:30AM when they declared the baby was out.  Pedia even took a picture using his iphone (grrr) when they made the baby cry near my right ear.  It was over!!  During this time I heard my OB said “mae, tapos na ha”.

Sometime in the morning, when I gained consciousness, I saw Marvin entered the Operating Room and handed the nurses a support belt.  They also brought the baby in for feeding before I was moved to my room.  Sadly, the baby was just sucking, I didn’t see any milk..which they said was normal.

I stayed in the hospital for 3 days.

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