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Jan 3, 2012

7 days after...

I had a seizure attack. 

Everyone got traumatized by the incident.  It was totally unexpected as my blood pressure has always been normal, if not low.  

So that Sunday morning, I was supposed to do my morning routine (move the baby out of bed, go to our sala and feed him) when I fell from the bed during the first attack.  I think I was trying to put baby’s mittens when I suddenly couldn’t control my arms and passed out.  My last memory was looking at the ceiling and terribly shaking.  Having a seizure is like having an epilepsy attack.  I don't know what happened after.  When I woke up and gained consciousness I was already in the emergency room.  Putting everyone's story together, they said I was found under the bed and was immediately put on a chair.  I had blood stains on my dress (I think from biting my tongue).  I was conscious and was answering questions correctly until I was asked if I knew I delivered a baby recently.  I shook my head.  They asked if I knew I have stitches because of CS operation, I was just looking blankly at them.
I had my second attack when Marvin arrived.  He was talking to me, trying to have a conversation on what happened.  I was then brought to the hospital.  Mom said I gained consciousness again when I was being brought out of the car, with a spoon on my mouth.  They were preventing me from biting my tongue.  When I was in the ER, my consciousness came and went.  I saw different people including my OB.  I couldn’t remember being moved to ICU but I woke up and was already there.  The magnesium shots were very painful; they were injected through my buttocks  Even after weeks of being discharged, the pain was still there.

Thankfully, I got out of the hospital after 4 days. 

Looking back, there are so many things they said contributed to the seizure.  OB said it was because I wasn't taking a bath so my body heat rose, mama said 'binat'.  I think it was post natal depression. Hmmmm.

Let's talk about it some other time.

...Happy to be enjoying another LIFE! Thank you Lord!!!

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♕ reyna said...

OMG! this is scary! :(

Hope you dont get these kinds of attacks anymore sis.