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Jan 9, 2012

What is your Baby's Milk?

Mine is formula.  Sigh.

I was hoping to breastfeed my baby but I wasn’t lucky.  I really thought I won’t have issues producing milk dahil mahilig ako sa sabaw, no doubt!!!  “What’s the soup of the day?” is my favorite line. I tried eating lots of soup and food with malunggay.  I also tried supplements but to no avail.  I had wet moments but they weren’t enough to feed the baby.  So when I got really really frustrated (I’m known to be sooooo patient, by the way)and  taking into account my baby's hunger and my near-depression, I fed my baby formula-milk.  Do so at your own risk please.  I did this because I pity my baby, he was crying all the time and he couldn’t sleep well as he was always hungry. :(

When I would offer my breast, he would suck a few times and would cry after because he wasn’t getting anything.  Those scenes were frustrating...big time.   It felt like I wasn’t a mother at all.  The frustration I felt was the main reason why I super hated the pedia who attended us in the hospital.  He never educated me on anything.  I was hoping that as a first time mom, I will be taught on how to deal with breastfeeding, baby caring, etc.  I wasn’t even aware on how to change a diaper!  He wasn't helpful at all.  Again, now I know the benefits of undergoing childbirth classes.  I would have wanted to attend one but Marvin was so conservative.  If you have the chance and resources, I highly suggest that you go for it.  There are so many childbirth classes nowadays.  Books can only give you as much.   And again moms, always demand to talk to your doctors.  Never shy away from asking questions.

So far, my baby is doing very well with formula milk.  We changed from S-26 to Similac through Doctor's prescription.

I support breastfeeding.  If you have the chance and you’re lucky to be able to do so, ALWAYS go for it.

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