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Jan 4, 2012

First Timer

Now I know the reason why other couples go through birthing lessons.  Not only will it help you while you’re pregnant.. it will also help you on preparing yourself when the baby arrives.

There were things I didn’t know "how to do", even nappy change.  Books can just coach you as much.  Practice and hands on learning is still different.  I remember looking and watching our helpful Nurse when Raphael pooped for the first time. In my head, I was saying “ah, ganun pala”. *grin*

Bathing Raphael was also another challenge.  He doesn’t cry with his Lola the way he does with me.  Note to self:  Bawal gulatin ang newborn, everything has to be done slowly so he won’t cry. Sloooooooowly.  And I'm sure you wouldn't want to see your baby cry. Because when he does, nangingitim talaga!!  Parang walang hangin na sa katawan, nakakatakot!

I'll blog some more discoveries as I encounter them. Weeeee! :)

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