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Jan 21, 2012

Raphael is 2 months!

Raphael sleeping on a sunny weekday

I can’t say it was fast because a lot has happened since I gave birth.

Truly, everyday is a milestone for us. We’re doing everything we can so the baby stays healthy, responsive and alert.

Now that Raphael has turned 2 months, he responds better. He smiles a lot especially when he wakes up every 4am-ish for feeding. We always talk to him when he’s awake and every time (morning), he would flash his biggest smile as if he can understand every word we’re saying.  He now has a more defined sleeping pattern as he actually sleeps straight at night. He would typically just wake up when he’s hungry or wants a diaper change. He has also developed a pattern in feeding – every 4hrs or less.

He has a memorabilia for his 2nd month, a gift from his Tita, similar to the pic below which I am yet to upload.  Where can I find one like this here?

 our actual pic of the footprint to follow...

then i found this on the net, looks scary! haha
We love you Raphael!  Happy 2nd monthsary.

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