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May 9, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife

I initially wanted to watch this story in the big screen; the title itself is very interesting; Until my manager said the book is really good. So instead of heading to the cinema when the movie was released - I pushed myself to get this book last Christmas; this is one of the many books I purchased last December.

I have nothing but good words for this art. It was a page turner for me when I started; although a little dragging in some scenes. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading it. The story itself was one of a kind - romantic, silly and true. I cried while reading the last 4 chapters; it was when Henry feels he's dying, Clare reading the letter and Henry seeing Clare when she's 82.

Love is love, defied by age & physical presence, time is nothing.

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reyna said...

I love the movie... i feel like i can relate...

time is nothing.. when you are inlove.