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May 30, 2010

Startek Summer Outing 2010

Startek annually hold summer outings in different locations as a treat to all its hardworking employees.. Last year, I can't remember where they went because our team was in Ohio - enjoying the weather. :)

This year, I was compelled to join. My manager signed me up. Signing up and not going means you have to pay in return - so there's no other way but to show up. And I don't want to waste 1500 even I can pay - hehe. So I decided it wouldn't hurt to watch the people swim, enjoy the program and say hello's to my former students who I left in Makati (as you well know, I'm in our Ortigas branch now).

And again, I didn't have any intentions to swim; blame the monthly visit. But in the middle of the program, rain eventually poured, soaking everybody. It would be silly if we run and hide - this is a swimming outing after all.

Our outing was held in Fontana Hot Spring and Leisure Park in Pampanga. I'm having a hard time reading from their site, so feel free to educate yourself - http://fontanaleisureparks.com

The Training Team

Hakkai and Me

the rain!

no plans of swimming
** we used an underwater camera. apparently, the lens gets foggy when they are not totally dipped in water. **

This is the last summer outing this year.
Rainy Season is here.

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