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May 28, 2010

Santacruzan 2010

I've always wanted to wear ala-Imelda Marco's sleeves - but have not been able to. I thought I could during last year's Linggo ng Wika.. instead we wore a very simple skirt and kimona.

I remembered one of our US Visitor's even asked me to have a photo with him (nagmukha tuloy akong mascot). hehe.

Anyway, for our Santacruzan - since we don't know how to make paper flowers well, we decided, we'll make human flowers to escort Red Queen and MadHatter in Alice and Wonderland.
We actually won. But we decided to give up the 4k price because it wouldn't look really good that Support (we) won the event as we almost organized it. Not the entire team though but our beloved Manager. Even if the scores were a landslide to our advantage, we had to just give it up. We promised not to hold an event anymore if we're joining. hehe. :)

Congrats Team!!

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