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May 13, 2010

City Of Bones

I have a new book - recently acquired this week. And I'm done reading it. Sigh. Next time I'll tell myself to finish it in 15 days so I can get another one when it's salary time. I'll end up purchasing out of my budget.

Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare is three-part book. City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass are the first, second and third book respectively. The books will introduce you to an interesting different world. The world of shadowhunters, demons, downworlders, night children and warlocks that are all present in the world we live in.

Half-way through, I felt that the book is for kids. I wonder if this is how Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings were written. But of course, I haven't read those so I wouldn't really know. I read from a review too that Clare borrowed lines from Harry Potter books. Again I wouldn't know.
I would still like to continue up to the last book to see why the third book was a disappointment. Hehe, even if it might mean wasting money.

More books, more fun. :)

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r e y a n e said...

you should include Harry Potter books in your collection...

I tell you.... taob yung Twilight books... mas nagmukha pang pambata ang twilight kesa sa Harry Potter Series.

When you get to the end... (book 7) you would see the big improvement of Harry from the kid/ boy to the Man he was on the book 7. J.K Rowling was a brilliant writer.