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Sep 14, 2009

I am Free and Happy.

Five years ago is when I started working. After two years, I applied for credit cards and loan one after the other.. hoping that it can help me achieve my goals faster.
Two years after that.. it went out of hand. My credit limit sky rocketed (to 6 digits even!) and so my expenses. Dine wherever & shop wherever. Before I knew it.. limits have been maximized. Paying was dreadful more than buying. I always tell myself, I will be ok. But I know you know it takes more than that to pay.

Then I suddenly realized that paycheck after paycheck I'm losing more than gaining. It was like a rat race.. I'm not going anywhere. Literally, my salary goes to all the bills I pay for - not really pretty. Not to mention I'm only paying the minimum amount required - which is technically just the interest. It's paralyzing - financially & emotionally. I'm beginning to suck in this mess I created. I moved out of the company I've been with for 4 years and fortunately I landed on a very similar job but pays higher than the last. Then I thought everything will be better.

But the transition pulled me down more than I expected it to. I waited for one full payout cycle before I got my first salary. I started missing payments, hello collections! I tried my very best to cut down expenses and made sure I prioritize whatever needs to be paid first. It was really tough - probably more than you can imagine. I was ok with this new company because I know I'll be able to pay somehow but Lord is just great. He didn't leave me at all.

Three months after, I transferred company again. They pay me twice as much as my first job. Yes I went to the states then.. but I didn't really shop or buy so many things because I was still in debt, the reality I'm not scared to hide anymore. If I want this to stop, I know I have to do something - acceptance was part of it.

One year after I joined Startek (my company now), all my debts have been paid. I'm ZERO loans and credit cards and I'm finally enjoying the fruits of my labor. People who experienced the same would probably understand how satisfying and fulfilling it is to finally celebrate a debt free life.

Now, I know where my money goes. It was my fault being financially innocent and stupid at the same time. I THANK my family and loved ones who understood me all throughout.


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