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Sep 12, 2009


Marvin is a real fan of Chinese Cuisine. He loves authentic chinese, japanese and kebabs food - well, actually everything. And when the tummy starts to growl.. it's again time for some serious pig out.

Yesterday we visited HanPao in Shaw Boulevard. I'm starting to find convenience in eating out few hours after noon. At 5PM, the restaurant was just ours to enjoy - hence, service was fast and everyone was just accomodating.

.. konti lang naman db? :)

Noodle Feast - comes with flat noodles, sweet & sour pork, beef asado
big steamed siomai, chicken strips, vegetable, topped w/ oyster sauce.
its soup comes separately

steamed hakao; similar to siomai but the wrapper is thicker and
can hold liquid inside
actually, theirs were a little dry. i tried Le Chings in Ghills,
it's supposed to be 'watery' inside

chicken feet that i never learned to eat

Yes, bye medida!
Hello salbabida!!

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