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Sep 8, 2009

100 Days Before Xmas

.. Here comes the 'ber months, and soon enough it's a whole new year again. :)

2009 was a pretty interesting and a fulfilling year for me. But before I recall my highs and lows for this year, let me think of things I want this Christmas.

Libre naman db?

  1. I want a technomarine. I want a watch that can be paired with just about anything. I may not be able to get you this Christmas but I still want one even after, hehe.
  2. XPS or Vaio. Or any dependable one (except for MAC). This has been a necessity more than ever. So I want to get something I can bring anywhere. I returned my company issued laptop when I resigned from GXS.
  3. I want IPOD touch - and maybe you're the only closest one I can get this Xmas. nyahahaha.
  4. Two years ago or maybe last year I said I want an eternity ring, until now I don't have one. I want one. But I think I'm close to achieving this (but not yet this year?) because I have a jeweler friend who accommodates installment payment. So even if I don't get one this Xmas; I'm hoping I can get, even after... - for the sake of investment.

These are all material things I know but on top of all these, I am praying for continuous good health, prosperity and unconditional love of my family and those close to my heart.

Start counting everyone!

2 comment(s):

r e y a n e said...

amf... expensive ang wish list mo mare.... ^_^ ahahaha

-mayang- said...

hindi naman sis... ehehe, *wish* list nga eh.... sagad sagarin na naten. pamper ourselves! weeeeeee