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Jul 2, 2009

Not Influenza A (H1N1)

I was a little pissed off yesterday as almost everyone is telling me I have H1N1, and I'm telling them I don't have sore throat.. they would answer magkakaron ka. Huh? How did you know, are you my creator? Even doctors and nurses don't believe I have.

How cruel can you people get?

I went to Makati Med Emergency after work to have myself checked. They ruled out H1N1 virus although my fever kicked up to 38.2. I was able to finish my class but I was just sitting the entire shift. I almost could not do it. My eyes were swollen (I don't know what reason), there were times that I can't bear the cold - to think I was wearing a thick sweater.

Turned out my fever was caused by a Urinary Tract Infection which I had when I was in high school, and that unfortunately recurred.

I didn't make it to work last night because I know I badly needed a rest. I'm going to work tonight.

I just hate it when I am trying to show my best all the time but the worst always comes out. I would always remember how ugly I am when I'm sick. ugh.

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r e y a n e said...

get well sis!... hugs!