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Jul 27, 2009


.. maulang pag blo blog mga friends!

Let me share you my weekend I'll probably always remember.

My Saturday was the usual.. tried very hard to kill time.
I visited the dental clinic and I was able to finally talk to the TMJ Specialist. My appliance is coming in a week's time for the therapy.

Training Department together with the rest of the support group met at Eastwood Bowling Center to have fun and conduct bowling try outs. I'm no Ms. Sports but I still went and played because I don't want to join the Cheerleading Competition.. please! LOL So I guess it wouldn't hurt to be laugh at and hit the 'kanals' every time. wahehehehe.
I had a great time... ehem, libre eh. All the while, it was raining hard outside. I don't know how much rain there was so I had no idea what awaits us.

Almost 8PM, I was with dette and her daughter; we decided to take a cab going home. The cab had a hard time getting us out of Broadway area.. seems like water is beginning to rise in low areas/ streets. But a couple of U-turns, rights and lefts... we finally took the Sta. Mesa route and turned right I guess somewhere to take Espana.
And lo and behold, the taxi couldn't get through any further... we're trapped. Wherever we look, it seems like we're not going anywhere. The street before us was flooded, a lot of people were stranded looking for ways to get out of the major road. We decided to get off the cab because it was pointless to find another route, we're gonna have to take a flooded area one way or another. But we were persistent. We saw... there were still jeepneys, buses and fx so we rode a jeep thinking that it will survive and pass the flood...

In the middle of the waist deep flood, the engine of the jeep stopped. People around were yelling and clapping that we should take a dip in the water and walk instead (ugh!). We waited, calculated our terms and plans as to what to do next. Good thing Kristel has a friend nearby.. less than a hundred steps from where we're at that we can probably go to. In order for us to get there, either we walk, swim or ride on top of a regular sidecar. We opted for the latter. For a mere 50 pesos, the three of us were politely ushered by the owner of the pedicab who's entire body.. ehem, nearly up to the boobs... was submerged in water. Yep, she was she. We skillfully and successfully able to sit on top of the sidecar (bubong in short)- how? I'll leave that to your imagination. FYI - I didn't see the seat of the side car, that's how deep the water was.

I was a little disappointed with my pics, it didn't capture much of the details then. Anyhow, you may see the rest of the bowling and baha pics in dette's multiply - http://akianddet.multiply.com

To cut the story short, we spent the night in someone else's house. I went home 5AM the next morning. It was a little embarrassing considering I don't know the family. But they were very accommodating.. so mycah and mom.. Thank you very much for letting us in!

I guess this happens.. only in the Philippines!!

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