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Jul 17, 2009

I Want Boracay

.. I dunno, probably because I'm tired of the metro? My friends have been all over the place.. pooooooooor me.. can't even have vaca... I'm tired of being busy and serious with work. Time to play *wink wink* and socialize :).. Remyxx - I'll wait for Palawan, or wherever it is.. and it has to be for real, or else (wehehehe)

I want white sand, a cozy and peaceful place, no work, no worries, no distractions -- pure travel, swimming and eating.. and oh.. spa, spa spa.. phuleeeeeeeease

I've been eyeing for this place.. can you guess where this is? But can't just yet.. I have class again. Will wait till October perhaps? But I'm ready now............ hay.

Hopefully, by then.. book and go!

.. One way or another, I have to get here! LOL

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venice said...

Hi Mae! funny that we both work at the same building but we rarely get to see each other. I would like to go to Boracay again, hopefully just me and my SO. =)