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Jun 29, 2009

Remyxx Dinner - June 09

.. after 2 years (I think) of not seeing each other as a group, Remyxx spent a night again -- this time to catch up and finally listen to Lucky's formal announcement.

Well it started out with some serious walking... from greenbelt, to glorietta 5, and back to greenbelt 5. We were pro's in injecting serious chats in between entering doors, having our bags checked, crossing department aisles, and crossing the street while pedestrian light was still red! whew.

underground walkway to glorietta 5. gotta find a way.

dinner at Red Crab

Lucky and Mheann both announced they're getting married few weeks back. Lucky will get married January of next year and Mheann on March 2011. This is just the perfect timing to finally get together.

Though no one from us ever planned a wedding before, seems like Rina and I knew exactly what to write down. In less than 5 months - everything should be set, including losing weight! :p

Congratulations to Lucky and Robert - hoping for fruitful and blessed years together!

EDIT: MIA - mhe and ivy. get well real soon mhe, and ivy - hope to see you soon!

4 comment(s):

r e y a n e said...

hehehe... nice! blogged na kagad!

-mayang- said...

of course sis! :)

mheann said...

Sorry mga mare i missed this one...wish i was there! bawi ako next tym promis! :)

-mayang- said...

hey.. hope ur'e feeling better mhe! :) will see you next time.